Date: Nov/19/2018 Time: 10:04:04
Crono Deca: 314:55:00 Crono Quintuple: 167:48:04
Crono Anvil: 50:16:04 Day:10


Results Bike and Run


NumNameCountryLapsDistance Completed Time Last Lap Race
13Ferenc Szonyi Hungary0Finished Run DECA222:10:5100:02:45DECA
8Kristian Kristiansen Sweden0Finished Run DECA231:56:1800:15:05DECA
15Tristan Vinzent Germany0Finished Run DECA243:39:0400:17:33DECA
3David Clamp United Kingdom0Finished Run DECA246:03:0500:14:31DECA
5Christine Couldrey New Zeland0Finished Run DECA247:07:2100:20:42DECA
12Gregor Sundin Sweden0Finished Run DECA278:32:4100:21:39DECA
4Francis Toujouse France0Finished Run DECA283:07:4600:22:23DECA
1Mark Blore USA0Finished Run DECA305:26:5000:21:31DECA
9James Manning USA0Finished Run DECA311:59:0600:35:45DECA
14Alyx Ulbrich USA0Finished Run DECA314:44:3000:18:03DECA
16Michael Ward Guernsey83645.740 M Bike103:11:5501:36:46DECA
6Daniel De Oliveira Brazil74575.720 M Bike91:47:1006:36:19DECA
7Shanda Hill Canada52404.560 M Bike80:07:0700:32:29DECA
11John Price USA1077.800 M Bike152:59:11118:49:57DECA


NumNameCountryLapsDistance Completed Time Last Lap Race
25Henning Olsrud Norway0Finished Run Anvil12:17:2900:09:33ANVIL10
27Jozsef Rokob Hungary0Finished Run Anvil14:16:3500:11:23ANVIL10
10Kale Poland USA0Finished Run Anvil16:16:2300:12:53ANVIL10
30Chris Solarz USA0Finished Run Anvil17:33:5100:26:24ANVIL10
20Brian Connors USA0Finished Run Anvil19:37:4400:24:21ANVIL10
24Laura Knobloch USA0Finished Run Anvil19:49:2900:21:38ANVIL10
22Erick Hanley USA0Finished Run Anvil19:49:3700:21:41ANVIL10
26Michael Ortiz USA0Finished Run Anvil24:57:5100:11:48ANVIL10
2Vincenzo Catalano Italy0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL10
17Bob Abate USA0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL10
18Graeme Allan United Kingdom0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL10
19Wayne Brown USA0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL10
21Georgeta Gruescu USA0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL10
28Chuck Schultz USA0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL10
29Claire Smith United Kingdom0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL10
31Kevin Willis Canada0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL10


NumNameCountryLapsDistance Completed Time Last Lap Race
83Neil Hershman USA0Finished Run Quintuple126:09:1000:15:15QUINT
85Eldar Spahic Bosnia and Herzegivina0Finished Run Quintuple132:18:1000:18:57QUINT
81Caroline Brosius USA0Finished Run Quintuple133:57:1100:22:03QUINT
82Dan Duran USA0Finished Run Quintuple145:56:2800:25:28QUINT
84Jay Sonnenklar USA0- D.N.S.No Time0:00QUINT


NumNameCountryLapsDistance Completed Time Last Lap Race
93Lia Sterciuc USA0Finished Run Anvil18:49:2500:21:03ANVIL5
92David Seres USA0Finished Run Anvil19:33:0400:17:43ANVIL5
23Beat Knechtle Switzerland0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL5
86Karen Alexeev USA0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL5
87Juan Contreras Mexico0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL5
88Martin Echeverria Guatemala0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL5
89Michelle "Red" Echeverria Guatemala0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL5
90Andrea Klein Germany0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL5
91Joey Lichter USA0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL5
94Cathy Tibbetts USA0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL5
95Will Turner USA0- D.N.S.No Time:00ANVIL5